This video is about Yoga for Beginners

Learn how to find a comfortable, relaxed but straight sitting posture in Yoga. If you are a beginner, there is no need to buy special yoga pants, start with comfortable clothes and follow my lessons.

You can use any yoga mat for your morning or evening practice. A correct sitting posture will allow you to sit straight but relaxed which is important for breathing exercises (pranayama) or meditation.

Although I am barely using props in my daily yoga practice, I am recommending the usage of a firm yoga block or cushion to support the pelvis and hips. Whilst sitting for hours cross-legged during my Yoga Teachers’ Training Course, I tried many different cushions or blocks. Those were either too soft, too high or simply uncomfortable after a while. I found this egg-shaped cork yoga block which allows me to sit comfortably for a long while. I am sitting just on the edge which allows my knees to rest on the floor. Although the block itself is firm, I can sit relaxed without building up tensions in my knees, thighs or hips.

Please try it out and leave your comments under my video, I am curious about your feedback, questions or simply like it.

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