Om-Om! What does a yoga teacher do during their lunchtime? Recording a tutorial for their lovely students, of course!

Today, I am sharing how I can get rid of my migraine. I do not want to swallow painkillers as I believe headaches and migraine are mainly caused by stress. We build up tensions over a long period; the sudden pain, nausea or migraine attacks are the tip of an iceberg.

Threading the Needle or Parsva Balasana gives me immediate relief.

Follow my tutorial and repeat the stretch a couple of times or try to hold it for a bit longer! If you cannot get the opposite shoulder completely down, don’t worry! You can keep the arm up in the air; however, bringing the back and shoulder down to the floor provides an ultimate stretch.

Be gentle and mindful in your practice! Give me your thumbs up; any comments or questions are welcome! I am curious about your experience.

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Om Shanti, Shankara aka Marc