Om aim hrim klim camundayai viccaye namah 

Today, I am sharing with you a wonderful mantra of the Devine Mother. Choose a comfortable cross legged meditation position. Keep your spine erect, shoulders relaxed, chin parallel to the floor. You can tune into this mantra and repeat it a couple of times to feel the powerful vibrations of the Sanskrit syllables.

Remember, there is no need to buy yoga pants if you are a beginner, start with comfortable clothes and follow my lessons. You can use any yoga mat for your morning yoga or evening yoga practice, sit on a yoga block or meditation cushion to sit straight in a comfortable cross legged sitting position. Listen to the vibrations of the mantra I am chanting at the end of my Yoga classes. It is a tradition in our Sivananda Yoga practice. The mantras are in Sanskrit and we don’t translate them to conserve their healing and protecting effect. The mantras are a wonderful way to conclude the class and to protect all students, their families and everyone in the world.

The meaning:
This is the mantra of the Divine Mother’s energy (Śaktī).Om is the universal sound.
Aim is the seed energy of the mantra (bija mantra) of Sarasvati.
Hrim is the bija of Laksmi and Klim is the bija mantra of Durga or Kali.
Camundā is a name of Kali. So this mantra invokes the energy of the three main aspects of the Divine Mother.
Namah means to bow

Om Shanti,

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