This video is about Yoga for Beginners – Learn how to find balance on your Yoga Wheel Today, I am sharing with you Malasana – Garland or Squat Pose on my Yoga Wheel.

I won my first Yoga Wheel as a prize for a Yoga Challenge. I had no idea what to do with it when I unpacked it. The first pose I tried was Malasana, somehow I thought my wheel asked me to balance on it. I found so much pleasure and joy as I could the first time staying in the present moment. If you are not conscious, the effect is obvious 😂. You need to fully concentrate and you need to stay focused. Try it! You will like it! You do not need to buy yoga pants if you are a beginner, start with comfortable clothes and follow my lessons. You can use any yoga wheel, which is sturdy enough to hold your weight. You can lay a yoga mat underneath.

Do not cheat and remove any yoga blocks or other yoga props from the area you are practising. Follow my tips!

Step 1 – Breathe deeply and completely.

Step 2 – Make sure the yoga wheel has good contact with the floor.

Step 3 – Hold the wheel with both hands and start placing one foot after the other on your wheel.

Step 4 – Look forward, choose a fixpoint, don’t look down.

Step 5 – Keep the hands in contact with the wheel before you bring them in front of your chest in Namaste.

Step 6 – Find the balance, try to move as slowly as possible to avoid wobbling.

Step 7 – Enjoy and smile that you mastered it!

Malasana Garland Pose Is an excellent facilitator of good pelvic floor health, Garland Pose, called Malasana in Sanskrit, stretches the ankles, groins, and back while stimulating proper digestion… Come down from the Yoga Wheel with control! Om Shanti! Please subscribe to my channel and turn the notifications on to learn more about this 5,000 years old science!