Today, I am sharing with you a more advanced arm-balance pose in Yoga.

I love this pose and I am demonstrating it to you from different angles.

Eka Pada Koundinyasana II, the breakdown of the Sanksrit description: eka = one · pada = foot · Koundinya = a sage · asana = pose Aka: Flying Splits Pose.

A pose dedicated to the Sage Koundinya II is a split-legged arm balance that is sometimes dubbed “flying splits” as it resembles a front split hovering away from the floor. This arm balance is strengthening for the arms, wrists, and shoulders.

Balance poses are excellent to build stamina and to still the mind. Practice this asana = posture when you already mastered other arm balance postures like Bakasana aka Crow Pose.

Remember, no need to buy expensive yoga pants if you are a beginner or an intermediate practitioner, start with comfortable clothes and follow my lessons. You can use any yoga mat for your morning or evening yoga practice. A yoga block or yoga cushion can support your meditation posture.

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Om Shanti!

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